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Adolf Fredrik's Girls Choir


The Adolf Fredrik’s Girls Choir is a representational choir at the Adolf Fredrik Music School in Stockholm; Swedens oldest, largest and most renowned school for musically gifted children. The choir consists of 40 girls between 11 and 16 years of age. As the choir is tied to grade six to nine in the Swedish nine-year compulsory school system, members partly change each year, when the ninth graders leave school and their choir at the end of spring term. Some of the singers pursue further careers in music, and many previous choir members have made themselves known as singers in a variety of genres like opera, jazz and pop.

The choir was formed in 1972 by legendary Swedish music teacher and conductor Bosse Johansson, who also led the choir for almost 40 years. Today the conductor is Fredrik Winberg, who also teaches conducting and choir at the College of Music in Örebro.

They perform regularly and frequently during the school year. One of the most appreciated occasions is the traditional Lucia concert at December 13th, a tradition that very many Stockholm citizens – and quite many tourists! – never want to miss out on. 

The choir also tours as well as competes extensively and has visited several countries in Europe and beyond. For instance in the international choir competition IstraMusica in the Croatian town of Poreč the choir made a clean sweep and claimed victory in all the three categories they took part in. And to top it off, the conductor Fredrik Winberg was awarded a special prize by the jury. In the European Choir Games in Gothenburg the choir was awarded two distinguished gold medals top level in the competitions categories for childrens choirs and sacred music. 


Being in essence a school choir, and despite the consequence that the whole choir is completely replaced every four years, the spirit of the choir is kept, evident from the testimony of members from several generations of singers. The spirit is characterized perhaps especially by the members of Adolf Fredrik's Girls Choir not only singing beautifully together, but also make really great friends - often for life.

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