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Be A Part Of The WACC

Open to all children's choirs around the world.

Register your choir by 31 March 2022 to enjoy free

Global Alliance Membership until 31 January 2023.

There are 2 tiers of WACC memberships.

WACC Global Alliance Member (GA)

(Open to All Children's Choirs)

  • Conductor Workshops

  • World Series Workshops for Children's Choirs

  • Festival Collaborations

WACC Country Representative (CR)

(By Application Only, Subject to Board Approval)

  • Conductor Workshops

  • World Series Workshops for Children's Choirs^

  • Festival Collaborations

  • Bridging Programme*

  • Chorister Exchanges*

  • Group Choir Exchanges*

  • Repertoire Sharing*

*CR Exclusive

^CRs are required to host at least 1 annual online workshop for other WACC members.

Any questions?
Reach us at

WACC Global Member Sign Up
Note: Applicants should apply on behalf of a children's choir they represent. Individual singers are not required to submit this form.

I am signing up to be a

Thank you for your application! A WACC Team member will be in touch by email within the next few days.

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