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Zimfira Poloz
Artistic Director, Toronto Children's Chorus (Canada)

Kazakhstan-Canadian conductor Zimfira Poloz is recognized nationally and internationally as a versatile conductor, choral clinician, music educator, adjudicator, and lecturer. 

She has been decorated with numerous awards, including Honoured Representative of Education of Kazakhstan, Hamilton’s VIP Award, and the Leslie Bell Prize for Choral Conducting (Ontario Arts Council). Zimfira receives many invitations to work with choirs and present at prestigious conferences around the world. 

Zimfira established her musical credentials in Kazakhstan, serving as founder and principal of the nation’s first choir school.  Upon her arrival in Canada in 1999, Zimfira found a home with Toronto Children’s Chorus, St. Michael’s Choir School and as an Artistic Director of both Young Voices Toronto and Hamilton Children’s Choir. Since 2003 Hamilton Children’s Choir has evolved into 6 progressive choral programs and adopted a more inclusive approach which increased enrollment from 80 to 200 singers. Under Zimfira's direction, Hamilton Children’s Choir has received international acclaim, won many prestigious choral prizes, and invited as a guest choir to number of international and national prestigious events. 

Zimfira is a member of the World Choir Council an international, an international advisory board of Interkultur, where she represents Canada. She teaches in the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto since 2006. As of 2017, her curated Canadian choral collection can be found with Cypress Choral Music: The Zimfira Collection.

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