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Shenzhen Symphony Children‘s Choir
Shenzhen, China


Shenzhen Symphony Children's Choir, Established in October 2017, is a quality platform for Shenzhen children's vocal talents to learn and practice the art of singing. Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Institution carefully builds to practice the concept of public welfare and makes use of its valuable resources. Vivid and systematic choral education cultivates more singing reserve talents and shapes a children's choir with a high standard.

The choir members ages from 4 to 19 years old in Shenzhen. The children are divided into different groups according to their ages and level, which are guided by excellent choral teachers with high moral and artistic skills. The children's choir holds regular choral concerts, and their singing standards have risen through the artistic practice of performing with professional groups such as Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra.

In 2020, was invited to participate in the 8th "Shenzhen Bay Concert" and cooperated with Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, which gained recognition and attention from the public audience. SZSCC has been invited to participate in various charity activities, and held a special concert in Shenzhen MIXC Theatre in October 2021. Through many international competitions, SZSCC has broadened its horizon and improved its level, and won the gold medal in the World Choir Festival and Taipei International Choral Competition in 2021.


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