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The Hong Kong Children's Choir
Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Children's Choir ("Xiang Er") was established in 1969. It is the first children's choir in Hong Kong and a registered non-profit charity. Over the years, it has actively promoted art training and cultivated many talents for Hong Kong's music and cultural circles. At present, "Xiang Er" has become the world's largest and most organized children's choir, with more than 5,000 members, and has developed into a diversified children's art group. Under the careful guidance of Ms. Huo Jiamin, the music director and chief conductor, and more than one hundred professional instructors, the members of the group have carried out interesting learning, and through systematic artistic training, they understand the importance of group spirit and rigorous handling, and set foot in the society for them Be prepared.


"Xiang Er" is invited by different groups to perform in other places every year, spreading the message of love and peace all over the world, and has traveled to many countries, and is known as "Little Music Goodwill Ambassador" and "One of the World's Most Outstanding Children's Choirs" one". "Hong child" in 2003 was elected in as "China Top Ten Boys Choir", 2006 in Hungary " Vivace won the highest honor of the" Audience Award "International Choral Festival" in 2008 in the "Shanghai International Children "Choral Performance" was awarded the "Golden Cup Award". In 2014 , he was selected as the "International Chorus Union Ambassador" from 2013 to 2015. He was also invited to attend the 2014 "Tenth World Chorus Conference" in South Korea and the "First International Choir Conference" in Macau in 2015. Chorus Alliance World Chorus Expo'', 2016 ``The 4th Shenzhen Chorus Festival'', 2017 ``Sixth China Children's Chorus Festival'' in Zhaoqing, 2018 Shenzhen ``The 2nd Celebrating China Together -Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao Youth Cultural Exchange Art Season'' Closing performance and a special concert at the opening ceremony of the " 2018 Gulangyu Chorus Festival".


"Xiang Er" has performed on stage with world-renowned music groups and masters many times in the past, including cooperation with the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and the top national conductor Chen Zuohuang in 1997 , and a special concert with the Western Canada Chamber Orchestra at the "Vancouver Choir Festival" in 2000 Council, 2009 Nian and 2017 Nian and the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and its artistic director and chief conductor for life Yan Huichang same stage, 2006 Nian and 2010 was involved in any of the time by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra artistic director and chief commander Aldo. The Mahler series of concerts conducted by Dehuat , the concert of "Requiem for War" conducted by Master Martel in 2013 , and the performance of "Matthew" under the direction of the music director of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in 2014 and 2016. "The Passion" and "Mahler Symphony No. 3" concerts, in 2017 at John. Master Lut sang "Children's Mass" and participated in the performances of "Forty-seventh Hong Kong Arts Festival", "Tang Huaise", "White Snake" and "King Arthur's Night" in 2019 .


As the most representative of the Hong Kong Children's Choir, "Hong child" often at the historic moment of Hong Kong performances, including the 1997 Hong Kong handover ceremony, 1998 Nian opening ceremony of the Hong Kong International Airport, 2005 Hong Kong Disneyland opening ceremony, 2007 Nian to celebrate the return of Hong Kong more than 10 years of activity, 2008 Nian a series of activities to meet the Beijing Olympic games, 2009 more than a year to celebrate the founding of the field 60 anniversary series of activities, the opening ceremony of the East Asian games, 2012 more than a year to celebrate the return of Hong Kong field 15 anniversary events and 2017 regression 20th anniversary party and activities. In addition, "Xiang Er" holds many concerts and dance performances every year, allowing the members to show their artistic talents to all walks of life. In 2019 , "Xiang Er" organized the " 2019 Asia-Pacific Chorus Summit" and the first "Hong Kong Chorus Conducting Competition" for local young choral conductors to celebrate its 50th anniversary , actively promoting and promoting the exchange of choral art in the Asia-Pacific region, and In 2020 , they won the "Art Promotion Award" at the 14th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards.

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